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Things To Know Before Playing Blackjack

Blackjack offers some great odds for players who understand the game and its simple rules. It is a game of strategy rather than a luck-based game which will surely help you win big numbers. Blackjack is a game that is very popular among table casino games, played all over the world. Here are some of the basic rules that should be followed to win at the table:

Basic strategy gameplay

You need to memorize the proper way to stand, hit, split, and double down your hands is one of the essential things. If you do so, you will be able to cut the house edge from 1 or 2% to 0.5%. There are few rules by a gambling expert John Marchell.
● Stand when the dealer has 2-6, and your hand has 12-16.
● When the dealer has 7-Ace, and your hand has 12-16, Hit.
● Always split 8s and Aces
● The dealer’s 2-10 versus double 11
● Double or hit aces-6
There will be gift shops that provide primary strategy cards if you don’t have to memorize all these.


No insurance play

Don’t make any dumb moves unless you count cards, which is another new bet with new money based on the dealer’s blackjack. With an insurance bet over the player, the house will have an almost 6% advantage. So, even if you have blackjack, you can just win your original amount. When the dealer has a blackjack, and you have it too, the game is called a push, meaning no win, no lose.

Start small

Start small

Everyone will be pumped up to play their first casino game, and blackjack is indeed a game that excites the players, don’t go fired up and start with a considerable amount. If the dealer is hot or cold, you need to gauge the situation, so you need to start small. The casinos will not stop, but you should. The hot and cold streaks will play a significant role and can have a big effect on the player too.

Don’t get into gambler’s myths.

Remember that you are playing with the dealer and not with other players on the table; their decisions won’t impact your hand. They don’t know what the cards that you are having and vice versa are. One of the basic strategies is to jet smile and play the correct game with confidence.

Don't get burnt

Don’t get burnt

Don’t get overhyped, as mentioned earlier, and if you lose your capital and lose everything, there is no way you can ever get excited about casinos or casino games. Set a limit to your capital and spend only if you are okay with losing that money because casinos are not where you can only get profits and wins. Many surveys have found that more than 75% of the players will be at a winning point at some point in time, but only 4% can make their way to winning. If you are on a losing streak, it is better to head out and visit next time.